iPhone X & iPhone 8 Black Friday

The coveted and long-awaited IPhone has been available in stores for a few days now. Although the device has a hefty price, the first delivery in Austria is already sold out in most stores.

Iphone 8 discountSo if you want to give the new iPhone for Christmas, you should definitely order ahead of time. Long waiting periods and delivery delays have been recurring in recent years.

The iPhone on Black Friday

If you want to attract many customers with Black Friday offers, make a special offers with the iPhone. Like every year, the hype surrounding the new device is huge. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to date with 1149 euros for the 64GB version and 1319 euros for the 256GB version. Although there was a lot of criticism and incomprehension in the run-up, this apparently holds only a few from purchase. The higher the price the better it is to find a great deal. Even with a 10% coupon you can save a lot of money.

There are no Black Friday deals for the new iPhone yet. However, we are sure that there will be some. Despite the big customer demands, this is a great way to win customers over. On our website you will find all offers as soon as they are online.

A cheap iPhone?

If you do not necessarily want the latest model but just need a new smartphone, it’s definitely worth buying one of the older models. They are usually not much cheaper, but the price always goes down a little after the appearance of the new model. The warranty, however, takes exactly the same amount of time as with the new iPhone.

Conclusion iPhone purchase

Since the iPhone anyway is not available anyway, it’s worth to wait until Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Be sure to find out on the internet which of the devices is best for you and where you can get the most from the offers. Attention to partial payments, often it just looks much cheaper than it is in the end.

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