Cyber Monday Sales 2018

Cyber Monday is, so to speak, a digital Black Friday. On November 26, 2018, this year’s Cyber Monday Sales 2018 will take place. Right after Black Friday / Black Weekend. However, many dealers want to benefit from the many customers for as long as possible. That’s why online retailers like Amazon launched into Cyber Week on Monday before Black Friday. There are always increasingly better deals. Until then follow the highlight deals on the official Black Friday / Black Weekend. Cyber Monday follows dan as the last chance for a big finale of the shopping event!

When will Cyber ??Monday take place?

November 26, 2018
02 December 2019
November 30, 2020

This date is calculated just like that of Black Friday with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November. Black Friday then a day later and Cyber Monday the following Monday. This is especially great in America, as most of them have free Thanksgiving and can often enjoy a long weekend. Therefore, they have plenty of time to shop.

Cyber Monday in Austria

In Austria, Black Friday is not as well known as Black Friday. However, Cyber Monday is also gaining in importance. Especially some online retailers of products like computers, cell phones and other multimedia products. It can also be said that Cyber ??Monday is much better known in the online world than in traditional retailers.

Amazon, however, is fully involved. That’s because there are new deals being made every hour from Monday before Black Friday to Cyber ??Monday!

Future Forecast Cyber Monday

Cyber monday balance sheetIt can be said that the Cyber ??Monday is getting bigger and bigger in the future. When it starts, the others almost have to move. Nobody can afford to lose customers these days.

As expected, many retailers, especially online offer their actions from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Little criticism on Cyber Monday
Consumers guards warn of being lured by offers. In part, the discounts are calculated by non-binding price recommendations. The specified discount is then not as high as you think. Otherwise there was no major criticism.

Although we are dedicated to Black Friday, you will find on our site, of course, all Cyber ??Monday and Black Weekend offers. This year’s Singles Day offers will also be available on November 11, 2018. The site helps you find the best deals. So if you want a new iPhone for example, you can find all the deals for the new iPhone at a glance. So it can not happen that you choose a deal but miss a better one. Bargain hunting can be so easy!

If you are wondering from when the deals are switched? Of course, just before they are valid. Thus, the dealers prevent that before the Black Friday / Cyber ??Monday nobody wants to buy anything. But if you can not wait for it and don’t miss a case, just sign up for our newsletter. You will receive all current news and deals immediately.

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